At GSCE every faculty takes scientifically effective exam oriented valuable classes. Class schedule and attendence are maintained strictly. The duration of every class is 1:30 hrs. As there are only a limited students in a class, individual care is taken for better achievement.

Special Class

Special classes are arranged on every up-coming examination so that the students can prepare themselves with proper care and confidence.

 Special Exam Oriented Study Material

For every forthcoming exam GSCE gives effective and suggestive study materials for the best preparation. Study Material may be descriptive or objective or both. Students get their materials at a regular basis. Providing weekly study materials is also one of the unique features of GSCE.

 Class Test

(a) Regular basis 10 mins class test is given by the faculty at the beginning of every class.

(b) After the Test is over, the faculty concerned clears the doubts by pin-pointing the pros and cons of the individual students.

(c) Students can make out the question pattern on an individual chapter.

(d) Subject & Chapter-wise complete guidance.

(e) Students learn time management, self analytical process and clarification.

(d) Publishing result in the Notice Board.

(e) Learning procedure of the full utilization of time schedule by the application of short ‘Class Test’ and thus acquiring complete knowledge on a particular chapter with its competitive effectivity.


 Mock Test

Before every forth-coming examination 5-8 indispensable mock tests are taken and under strict invigilation students get the exact environment of the Actual Exam by using OMR Sheet etc.

Its Necessity :

(a) Comprehension of Exam related Syllabus and Question pattern.

(b) A student can compare his / her present growth rate with other competitors

(c) Learning the Procedure how to complete the full answer sheet without leaving anything by applying time management technique.

(d) Getting the actual environment of Exam Hall.

Procedure :

(a) Before a candidate appears for Mock Test GSCE takes care of the successful completion of Class Word, Class test, Judge Yourself and provides required Study Materials.

(b) Strict maintaining of fixed Mock Exam Schedule.

(c) Students get the Mock Exam question paper immediately after the end of the exam.

(d) Within 7 days students get their Mark Sheet and Answer with detailed clarification.

Achievement :

(a) Rapid self development with complete exam based preparation.

(b) The valuable last minute suggestion is given only after appearing for at least 80% Mock Exams

(c) 1 : 1 Success


 Online Test

Online Mock Test is also an important part in the through preparation for different competitive exams. GSCE gives every student a unique student ID number and with the help of it any student can avail himself / herself of this opportunity. Even a student can use his/her android mobile for this purpose by downloading online apps. For more information login to web sites :

 Exam Oriented Class

21st century emphasis’s on rat-race and without communication skill one can’t achieve success, therefore, from the very beginning GSCE pays attention to Computer Lab, Audio Visual Aid, Spoken English, Group Discussion & Exam Oriented Special Class.

 Monthly Examination

For all round improvement of students GSCE takes regular basis monthly exams. In competitive examinations time management is the most important factor and it helps to assess the progress of individual student and to identify the areas of shortfall for taking special attention. By this GSCE builds a sense of confidence in them so that every pupil feels at home in the examination hall.

 Interview Facility

GSCE arranges effective interview facility for the candidates who cross the barrier of the written examination. Both personal Interview & Group Discussion are arranged at a regular basis. We have an excellent ‘Interview Board’ headed by experienced professionals, government officials and teachers who guide students minutely from the point of view of a critic so that students can face the actual interview board with self confidence. optimism and sagaciousness.

 Computer and Internet Facility

It is a known fact that internet is one of the strongest tools to the modern world in every shhere of life.

It has become an enormous store house of information for reference work and clarifying doubts, application form, examination schedule, result etc and GSCE gives every student this facility to get a better result.


We pay attention to comprehensive correspondence among student-faculty-guardian relationship. Class room coaching, home task, proper digestion of study materials and for providing better environment GSCE keeps a continuous touch with individual student and guardian regarding attendence, class performance, home work submission, mock & model examinations result etc.

 Form Fill Up

“Form Fill-up” is an important part of competitive examinations. GSCE has a special cell to help students to “Fill-up” their forms for various examinations correctly both On Line and Off Line. For more information on competitive examinations one can log on