(i) Every Student must carry his/her Identity Card.


(ii) Students must enter the classroom before the scheduled time.


(iii) Students cannot express their preference for any Instruction/Teacher/Batch.


(iv) Admission Fees once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.


(v) If a student is absent for more than 1 month without any written leave application and its approval from the GSCE authority, his/her name will be struck off the roster.


(vi) Minimum 80% monthly class attendance is mandatory and if a student fails to achieve this, the authority can cancel his/her registration.


(vii) If a student is found involving himself / herself in any kind of destructive activity within the premises of the institute, or in social media, or any where that harms this institute's reputation, his/her registration will be cancelled and the organization can take legal action against that student and he/she has to give monitory compensation to this institute for such type of behavior or activity.


(viii) To provide better service, the Routine Schedule (Day and Class) can be changed by the institute and students must follow and abide by this without objections.


(ix) If a candidate takes admission in 3/6 months or any other crash course, GSCE will provide the support for that particular period only. If the exam is postponed then GSCE will not take any responsibility for that. If a students wants to get regular basis classes for further period then he or she must convert his/her course from that crash course to any higher course by paying the difference amount as per management decision.